Frequently Asked Questions


Emergency Service

What is emergency service?

The emergency service is an application that will help you find the nearest hospitals, blood banks, chemists and ambulances in an emergency situation

The emergency search page is not picking my correct location. What should I do?

Our search tool uses the GPS and your internet connection to find your location. In case, the GPS is switched off, or you chose not to share your location, you will get incorrect location. Additionally, few devices may be incompatible due to variety of reasons. In such cases, you can always type the location to get accurate results.


Lab packages

What is lab package service?

Lab package service is a tool to compare health check-up packages offered by different hospitals or providers, in a city. The tool allows you to compare tests available in each package and also provides you with information regarding the relevance of the tests, so that you can take an informed decision.

Can I also book tests through this website?

The online booking facility is currently not available on the website.


Health profile

Can I create profile for somebody else?

Yes, you can. In fact, x% of health profiles are created and maintained by care givers according to a study by XX. You can help your parents, siblings, children, spouse, grandparents and other relatives by regularly maintaining their profile.

I am perfectly healthy. Why should I create a health profile?

Creating and regularly maintaining a health profile is relevant not only for people who are facing health issue but also for perfectly healthy individuals. With changes in lifestyle, there is onset of diseases like diabetes, heart problems, asthma in much younger people as compared to past. Creating a health profile helps in providing alerts before onset of lifestyle related issue.  Some of the several other benefits of creating a health profile are:

  • You can record and share health parameters with your doctor in case it is required. This gives a better view of your health status to the doctor, resulting in better and more effective treatments
  • You can store all your prescriptions, and medical reports at one place. Therefore there is no need to search around whenever an old medical record needs to be retrieved
  • All of your medical history will be recorded and kept in one place, thereby making it easier for you to consult a new doctor. It also helps a doctor in making better diagnosis of your health condition
  • By tracking your health parameter and symptoms, you are able to make preventive changes, thereby giving you better control over your health.

When should I buy a gold or platinum plan?

The silver plan is free and you can maintain your health history using that. The Gold and Platinum plans are relevant for users who need to share health parameters with their doctors; e.g., diabetes patients sharing blood sugar data or hypertension patients sharing blood pressure data with their doctors. The service is also useful in case you need to contact other users through SMS for blood donation or doctor recommendation. For more details on the gold and platinum plans, you can refer to the membership page.


Blood donation service

How can I request for blood donation?

You can login into the website and create a new request for blood donation, under my services section. Your request will be circulated to other users in the city. As soon as any user agrees to donate blood, we will share the details with you. The blood request is normally shared using an email. In case of an emergency, you can opt for the platinum plan, where your request will be circulated through SMS, for faster response.

I want to donate blood. How can I help?

You can login into your account to see open requests, in your city. The dashboard will also show you the locations where blood is required. You can choose to answer any of those requests, and confirm your availability for donation.  We will share the details of the person, who has requested for blood, with you.


Doctor recommendation service

How can I request for recommendation on doctor?

You can login into the website and create a new request for doctor recommendation under my services section. Your request will be circulated to other users in the city. We will gather responses from other users and share the list of recommended doctors with you.  The request for doctor recommendation is normally shared using email. In case you need a quicker response, you can opt for platinum plan where your request will be circulated through SMS for faster response.

Who recommends doctors to the users on the Oxyjon website? Is there any financial incentive for the users who recommend doctors?

All responses for doctor recommendation are from users like you based on actual experience. Oxyjon does not recommend any doctor and does not have any control over the names recommended by other users. In fact, we will choose appropriate mechanisms to check if certain names are being pushed by users for financial incentives.



What is the refund and cancellation policy?

Oxyjon is a service oriented business and due to nature of our business, we do not offer any refunds or cancellation after you buy one of our services. However, we provide you option of one month subscription in case you want to try out our paid services before buying a full year subscription.