Chronic Disease Management

Diabetes and Heart Disease Management: 

Chronic diseases are the bane of modern urban life. As urbanisation increases, more and more Indians are getting into the vortex of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, cancer and many others such as them. There are as many as 73 million people with Diabetes and 54 million people with CAD in India with projected numbers likely to grow driven by sedentary lifestyle, food habits and lack of awareness.

Apart from people with actual disease, there are millions of others, who do not know that they have a condition which is borderline and can progress into an irreversible chronic disease. On their own these diseases are supposed to bring much misery to the life of the patient. On the other hand, these diseases can be prevented by early detection and treatment of the conditions which cause them. Even if you are already impacted by these diseases, you can control them and slow their progress if you continuously track and monitor them.

Oxyjon, a chronic disease prevention and management platform, can help you in achieving better health outcomes by recording and monitoring your health data. Through our app, you can even share health data such as blood pressure and sugar levels with your doctor. According to the studies, people who track their health regularly are more likely to make change in their lifestyle and food habits thereby leading to better control of blood sugar, blood pressure and other such indicators.

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