Hypoglycemia or low sugar

Hypoglycemia or low sugar in Diabetes

Hypoglycemia is a state where blood sugar levels fall below 70 mg percent and is and clearly defined medical emergency .

This situation may arise in cases where there has been a long gap of food intake despite taking the medicine or undertaking unaccustomed exercises thereby creating an imbalance between the blood sugar and the level of the oral medicine or the injection that the person has had.

The presentation of  of hypoglycemia comprises of a feeling of trembling & shaking, sweating, feeling of ghabrahat, palpitations, dizziness, slurring of speech and if uncorrected it may progress to a coma state i.e. unconsciousness.

The patient should be educated about these the symptoms and the signs .

Patient should be advised to check the blood sugar immediately and if it is truly hypoglycemia that is below 70 mg percent then he should try to ingest sugar, glucose , any sweet drink or any food which is sweet and it responds within minutes and the symptoms tend to disappear very fast.

As a routine practice one should make a small bag of some Toffees ,pouch of glucose or sugar, and a cold and a sweet drink like fruity in a sling or a waist-pouch which should be kept :one bedside second in the dashboard of the vehicle that the person travels in and third at the workstation where the person spends most of the day.

While walking one should try to carry a sling pouch always containing did the three rescue items as a caution to meet any hypoglycemic episode which may happen during  Exercise or walking.

One should also try to get in touch with the treating physician and inform him about the event so that if any investigation is needed or dosage modification is needed it is undertaken.

Diabetes can virtually affect each and every organ of the body.


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