Recipe: Roasted Puffed Rice Snack

Diabetes Recipe


Puffed Rice- 1 Cup (14 gm)

Soaked Chana Dal- 1 Tea spoon (6 gm)

Peanuts-3 Tea spoons (15 gm)

Onion -20 gm

Tomato-20 gm

Dry Red Chilly – 1 Piece (broken into two)

Turmeric powder – One Pinch

Salt- ½ Teaspoon


1. Roast Peanuts & Chana Dal in a pan for 2-3 mins till they turn light brown

2. Add Dry Red Chilly, a pinch of Turmeric and again roast for around 2 mins

3. Then add Puffed Rice and salt again roast for 3-5 mins and then switch off the flame

4. Allow the mixture to cool down and then add freshly grated Onion & Tomatoes

Nutritional Insights:

Calories:  168.8

Carbohydrates:  20.3 gm

Proteins: 5.7 gm


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